The Broad Behind the Lipstick

Once Upon a Time…

Picture a 4 year old girl…

She has blue eyes and straight brown hair; she spends the summers covered in freckles, laughing, and following her parents around the west going on amazing adventures.

 She saw the bring red and orange sand stones of the Sierra Nevada mountains, the thick greenery of the giant redwood trees, and endless days exploring the beauties of Yosemite national park. 


That little girl grew into a woman that loves adventures; whether she is going herself or living through the books that she reads. She went on to explore Washington, D.C., New York, and all of the Scandinavian capitals.

But those stories will come later…


She also grew to love art and the beauty of the world. She coaches for a dance company in the midwest and loves the freedom that comes with expression through movement. 


But this story has a dark side… 


This little girl spent her summers in Las Vegas, Nevada for many years. She spent them with her father who wore a mask of fun and trickery. He made her believe that she could trust him; that she was safe with him. It was not until the summer that they lived in 4 different homes that she began to see behind the mask. Others tried to warn her, but she never wanted to believe the mask was real. 

Eventually the mask came off, her grandmother passed away, and he disappeared from her life. 

Many years passed…

 She fell in love; twice actually. It was beautiful and she was unbearably happy for a long time.

 But that all changed when her first love passed away…

She thought she would never believe in humanity again. 

For a long time she couldn’t see the light and the beauty of the world. 

But what she realized was that it wasn’t that she couldn’t see the light, it was that she didn’t want to see it. She was blinded by her grief but her family, friends, and love of art allowed her to find the light again. She still works everyday to see the light.


She learned that the world may seem dark at times… but there is always love. You just have to be willing to see it.


My name is Madi and this is only part of my story. I am now looking forward to graduating with a bachelor’s degree in English literature next winter and creating a life that continues to inspire me to see the light in this beautiful world that we live in. I do that by traveling and studying different cultures. 


But most importantly, I do not fear the world because of the lose I have faced, I embrace it.


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